About My Art

Female francophone artist living in Calgary, Alberta. Artist that like nature, science, colors. Exploring is an important part for creating.

Sylvie Pinard

As a young adult, in the pursuit of scientific academic studies, I put aside my love of art to obtain a Ph.D. in geology with a specialization in micropaleontology. This path led me to remarkably interesting places such as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Alberta, where I eventually put down roots. These environments allowed me to reconnect with nature and observe beauty through colours, harmonies, shapes/forms and textures which then stimulated the development of my artistic styles and ideals. Nature reopened a door to art.  Thus, art and science engage in a harmonious dialogue. It became clear to me that creativity was important to reach a life balance and I realized that being an artist allows me to be as creative as possible. My favorite part of being an artist is the freedom to explore possibilities and what it means to be human. It makes me feel alive. And that’s why I returned partially to the world of art in 2002 and I expanded my palette to new media and developed new techniques.  Engaging in art leads me toward a better understanding of what I am and of the world around me. Art for me is complementary to science and helps me to maintain an equilibrium. Since 2015, I have focused on my goal to explore different subjects, different styles and continue to learn about colours, shapes and other elements of design.

Artist Statement


Colour is at the very heart of my work as an artist. As one of the primary components in visual arts, colour excites me in a visceral way. I utilize colour to carry, transmit or sustain a message to elicit this reaction to my art.


I am drawn to a multitude of subjects, as much for their representation of the concrete as for their abstract construct. However, nature taken in its larger context, inspires me most of all. I delight in nature’s quintessence and its process of transformation where human intervention is at a minimum. In its simplicity or complexity, nature offers its full range of subtleties while shifting through the entire colour spectrum.


Each work represents a fragment in the space-time continuum of my exploration. Each work also contributes a piece of the process involved in resolving creative problems that I encounter time and again, but without resorting to a set of recipes of established techniques. Hence, my works become transitory figures within an ever-changing space. In my quest to learn, the process is as important as the result. In fact, I firmly believe that there are more ways than one to undertake any task. It is therefore crucial to be flexible and to accept and follow the twists and turns, known and unknown, where my artistic expression takes me. Inspired by science, my motto is: Experiment Learn Create.